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AAF Financial is an independent financial advisory firm providing clear, impartial, tax-led, whole of market advice designed to help individuals and families effectively manage their finances and grow their wealth. We provide financial advice to individuals, families and business owners to help plan for their financial future. We work with your other professional advisers, such as your solicitor and accountant to ensure that the advice we provide is holistic.

About Us

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At AAF Financial, we understand the significance of selecting a wealth manager, as it is an important and profound personal decision.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to maintain uncompromising standards, ensuring that we reciprocate your trust with the utmost level of customer service.

Our investment philosophy revolves around impartiality and innovation, which form the foundation of our approach. As an independent firm, we provide our clients with unrestricted access to the entire marketplace, free from any bias. Our sole aim is to curate the most suitable portfolio for our clients, whilst actively seeking investment opportunities across diverse product ranges. In the dynamic landscape of today’s world, we firmly believe that long term value often lies beyond conventional boundaries.

What distinguishes us is the invaluable expertise of our leadership team, acquired through their own firsthand experiences of advising clients over the course of two decades. 

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Our commitment to you

To ensure we offer the best possible advice and service we make this pledge to our customers:

  • To provide you with clear information about the products and services we offer
  • To agree our fees or charges with you prior to you making any commitment
  • To ascertain your individual needs, preferences and circumstances before providing advice
  • To only recommend a product that we consider suitable for you and that you can afford
  • To not recommend a product if we cannot find one we consider suitable
  • To work with your other advisers (for example, solicitor or accountant), to ensure all parties are in agreement that our advice will add value 
  • To continually update our knowledge on regulatory, legislative and investment matters to ensure our advice is current and appropriate
  • To give you access to a formal complaints procedure should you become unhappy with our service

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